Court Mandated and MVD Screening

Court Mandated and MVD Screening

Have you been charged with a DUI or possession of a substance? This can be such a difficult and confusing time as you attempt to navigate the court system. We can help with Court or Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) ordered DUI and substance requirements.


Admin Per Se Substance Abuse Screenings

This screening is required by MVD for individuals who have been pulled over for any alcohol or drug-related driving violation. You will meet with a licensed counselor and the appointment will take approximately one (1) hour.

  • You MUST bring a copy of your ticket or the admin per se from the MVD.
  • After the screening you will receive a print out from MVD confirming the receipt of the evaluation before you leave our office.

DUI and Substance Abuse Screening

If you have been charged or convicted, your plea agreement with the court typically requires this type of screening. Please bring a copy of your court documentation to your appointment.

  • This is a thorough assessment completed by a licensed counselor to determine a treatment plan based on your needs and to satisfy court requirements. It will take approximately one (1) hour to complete.


8-hour and 16-hour education classes that will cover the physiological effects of substances, your personal experiences, and evidenced-based research to help you weigh the costs and benefits of current behaviors.


Our goal is to listen to you and help identify reasons for use. This group meets for 1.5 hours every week and is focused on helping you succeed, whether you are ready to be sober or not. Our hope is to find tools that work for you, even in high risk situations.


Our counselors work with you to identify goals that fit into your life! Treatment is available for Level 1 36-hour, 54-hour, and 72-hour programs.

This program is designed to cover various substances, identify behaviors & beliefs surrounding use, and is an open environment where you can express your beliefs. DUI group sessions are 2 hours in length.