Meet The Team


Founder and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Bell has worked in a medical diagnostic setting for over 30 years and is formally trained as a Health Psychologist. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Health Psychology from the Colorado School of Professional Psychology. In addition, she continues advanced training and mentoring from renowned experts in research, medicine, psychology, and theology. She has authored several articles, published book chapters, and lectured both nationally and internationally on chronic pain, stress management, healthy aging, obesity and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

If there is one thing that separates Dr. Bell from other psychologists it is her exceptional ability to bridge the gap between research, medicine, psychology, and theology. She has great faith in the human spirit’s ability to communicate issues and then pulls from her vast knowledge and external resources to explain the impact on health, work, or family and recommend real solutions that work for you.

A personal note:
I remain grounded in the morals, values, and experiences from my childhood growing up in Oklahoma. I view all people as existing on an equal playing field, each with personal genius/value, and deserving of feeling important, loved, and safe. I respect that we can have varying experiences during our lifetime and some of them can be painful. It is both brave and vulnerable for you to step into a nonjudgmental setting where you can be open about your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to seek relief and create a future that is as peaceful and exciting as you dream it to be. Thank you for trusting me with your future.

Kelsi Rather, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor

Kelsi is a Licensed Associate Counselor with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University. Her areas of specialization include substance use/addiction and LGBTQ+ issues. Kelsi has also engaged in additional training with a focus on anger management, anxiety/depression, trauma, group therapy, and marriage/relationship dynamics. She works exclusively with adults over the age of 18 and believes in a strength-based, non-judgmental approach to functional effectiveness.

A personal note:
My belief is that you are the greatest expert in your own life. My role is to help you listen to that authentic and intuitive voice in order to access your inner wisdom and bring about change, contentment, and effectiveness in your life.

I entered this field with a genuine and open heart that listens to others, excited to see people live whole and healthy lives. The counseling relationship can be thought of as the pathway to growth, problem-solving, and restoration. It is an opportunity for the client to explore options in a safe environment. Experiencing change can be uncomfortable at times, but it is my goal to guide you in this process and establish a foundation of respect and trust; a relationship in which we collaborate to achieve the desired outcome.

Overall, my personal philosophy of counseling involves helping the client reconnect with the present moment. I prefer a multimodal approach that is unique to you as an individual and typically focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness techniques. Ultimately, you are worthy of acceptance, regardless of what is occurring in your life. It is my wish to work beside you, gently challenge, and encourage you to restore your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


Post-Doctoral Resident

Sam Wolde, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Resident (Eligible for License Psychologist), earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Walden University. Dr. Wolde completed his undergraduate degree in Communications from Colorado Christian University. He holds multiple graduate degrees in Master of Clinical Counseling and Master of Divinity emphasis in Leadership and Ancient Biblical Languages and Master of Applied Psychology from Denver Seminar. Dr. Wolde is an independently licensed substance abuse counselor (LISAC) and Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) in Arizona.

Dr. Wolde has many years of extensive clinical experiences in psychiatric hospital as an inpatient and out patient therapists at Aurora Behavioral Health and general counseling as well as in the field of addictions. Dr. Wolde completed his post-graduate psychological training at Kemper and Associate Neuropsychological Services under Dr. Valerie Kemper’s, Clinical Neuropsychologist direct supervision.

Dr. Wolde’s clinical conceptualization and approach emphasize the importance of a holistic intervention that helps to address individuals’ psychological, social, spiritual, intra-personal, and interpersonal relationship conflicts and issues.