Mental Health Assessments

Knowledge Is Power.

Functional losses often stem from many interacting health and social problems, and therefore, successful treatment is dependent on evaluation of an individual's overall capacity to meet his or her own needs in everyday life.

We offer comprehensive diagnostic assessments for adults over the age of 18 and older adults that integrate social, emotional, personality, environmental, and medical information to help you improve your overall functional effectiveness or prepare you for a successful surgical outcome.

We also offer comprehensive assessments for limited forensic situations.

Our assessments are used for a variety of conditions/situations, including:
  • Chronic Pain
  • Pre-Surgical Clearance
  • Bariatric Surgery Clearance and Counseling
  • Dementia or Cognitive Impairment
  • Difficulty Adjusting to Medical Illness
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship

“Dr. Bell helped us understand our mother from a different perspective and we are now able to help her enjoy life again.”


“We felt empowered as we navigated the Guardianship process and our father is stable and safe again.”


“I was concerned that Dr. Bell would tell me that my pain is all in my mind…but she actually gave me tools to use daily that have helped me regain life, relationships, activities and work again.”