Services Overview

Even effective people struggle to cope with life’s circumstances. What makes them different and successful in life?

Effective people choose to take risks, make mistakes, take responsibility, fail, learn from their mistakes, seek counseling if needed and grow…again and again during a lifetime.

  • Effective people understand that life is hard and, yet, continue to view the future and world as a curious adventure no matter what happens.
  • Effective people are driven by an unyielding commitment to integrity and aspire to be open, flexible, creative, and empathic.
  • Effective people view most situations as challenges and not threats…and strive to know the difference.
  • Effective people adjust and adapt to circumstances outside their control.
  • Effective people aspire to have good boundaries, a sense of personal control, independence, dignity, and self worth.
  • Effective people believe that they will be right whether they say “I can’t” or “I CAN.”

Effective people consult with a counselor when the going gets tough.

  • We now offer Telehealth services! Please contact us for more details.

We offer a variety of services to help on your journey toward becoming more effective in your life: