Substance Use

Counseling for Adults Struggling with Substance Use

Substance Use may or may not include “addiction” or physical and psychological dependence. Substance Use involves many psychological, environmental, and social factors that can impact daily functioning and we often hear clients say they feel helpless, guilty, and ashamed of their use.

Addiction can also take other forms: Gambling, food, shopping, video games, compulsive stealing, and even exercising. Too much of anything on a regular basis can become an addiction, change the way your brain works, and risk affecting your life and the lives of those you love.

If you are actively using, just beginning to think about sobriety, need assistance adjusting a relapse prevention plan, or need help with other forms of addiction…we are here to help. Our counselors work with you to identify realistic goals and develop a plan to get you back to a life you love!

It’s not always easy to pick up the phone, if you are not quite ready to make the commitment to treatment yet check out our blog for more information on this topic!

Yes, You Can! Substance Use Group

Whether you are actively using and considering sobriety or have been sober for some time, this group is here to help you in your journey. This is a space where substance abuse/addiction is viewed as a health issue rather than a moral failing which means we will discuss the stigma surrounding addiction, along with the guilt and shame that so easily follows. Group therapy is a great way to experience self-growth as it allows you to realize you’re not alone….Others are here to listen & help as they have been exactly where you are too!

This group is facilitated by a licensed counselor who focuses on finding practical solutions that will work for you. We meet once per week, every Thursday from 5:30-7:00PM. It is an open group and you are welcome to join at any time. A screening before your first session is required. Call today and let’s get started!